Why Should You Avoid Illegal Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are drugs that are used mostly by bodybuilders to bulk up. These drugs are synthetic testosterone that helps the body build muscles and also help people with delayed puberty to enhance their features. This kind of drug is not harmful if it is registered and is legally produced as it provides benefits to the body without harmful side effects. And because it can greatly affect the body, you need to have a prescription before you can purchase this hormone drug.

But, there are illegal anabolic steroids that are sold to people who are seeking remedy for certain medical conditions and those who are looking for ways to enhance their body mass without a proper prescription. Hence, its users should be wary of illegal anabolic steroids and make sure that they are using authentic and approved hormone drugs only, which are prescribed by their physician.

Anabolic Steroids

Avoid Illegal Hormone Drugs

If you are planning on using anabolic steroids, you should make sure that you are buying only authentic and registered ones to ensure your safety. Illegal steroids are cheaper but they should never be your option. Prescription drugs are safer and are more effective. Thus, you should only buy one that is prescribed by your doctor even if you think that you can save more money on buying steroids that don’t need a prescription.

Why should you avoid illegal anabolic steroids? This is a question that has a lot of answers that you must keep in mind to keep yourself from getting tempted to purchase illegal hormones that are often sold at cheaper prices.

  • Illegal Anabolic Drugs are Often Used on Animals

Illegal hormone drugs are often produced for animal use. Hence, when you purchase an anabolic steroid, you might be buying something that is meant for animals which are not safe for human consumption. The effects are very much different and can be life-threatening especially if you overdose.

  • Illegal Hormone Drugs can Easily Cause an Overdose

Physicians do not prescribe illegal anabolic steroids. Hence, you can get overdosed easily when you use these. And even if you are careful in taking a proper dosage, since reputable pharmaceutical companies do not manufacture the drugs, it can still cause an overdose.

Illegal steroids’ dose is much higher than legal and regulated ones. These are often 10 to 100 times stronger than legal steroids, which is obviously quite lethal to anyone who uses it.

The effects of drug overdose are rather fatal, especially hormone drugs as they affect the system of your body. Thus, you should be very careful in taking hormones even if these are prescribed and legal. This means that illegal hormone drugs are very hazardous even on proper dosage, compared to prescribed ones, so it is not advised to take them at all.

  • Steroids can Cause Addiction

Since steroids can make you feel more confident, you may get dependent on its effect especially if you want to gain confidence to overcome shyness or to achieve more in life. It can also make you feel high, a psychological state that makes you ecstatic. This can also be addictive, which will make you dependent on anabolic steroids. Thus, it is not advisable to take these, especially illegal ones as they are not regulated by pharmaceutical companies, by drug or health associations and by physicians, which can increase your chances of getting addicted to them.

Steroids Injection

  • Steroids can have Negative Effects on the Liver

Legal and regulated steroid use can pose harmful effects on your lungs, which are diminished by proper dosage that is administered by a physician. But with illegal anabolic steroids, the effects of the drug on your liver cannot be monitored as they are not regulated. And it is very likely that the effects are far more harmful as these are very potent but not in a good way. Thus, it would be best to stay away from these to keep your liver from suffering fatal damage that may be irreversible.

  • Steroids can Make a Man’s Sperm Count Suffer

Illegal steroids are very potent and can greatly reduce the sperm count of a male user. This means that it can prevent a man from having children. It can also shrink the testicles, eliminating a man’s chances of having children in the future. So, if you want to build a family now or in the future, it is best to keep away from using steroids, particularly illegal ones.

Getting bulked up and gaining more confidence is great, but, not with the use of illegal anabolic steroids. These drugs may tempt you since they can make you achieve your fitness goals quickly and quickly but they are not worth it. They can make you sick. Hence, it is best to talk to your doctor if you are thinking of using steroids so you will be prescribed a legal and safe one that has minimal side effects and does not easily cause an overdose.

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