5 Common Dieting Problems & Their Solutions

While beginning on the weight loss journey, its necessary to overcome several confounding factors which develop through the course as we progress, since dealing tactfully & smartly with them can ensure a successful completion to our weight loss program. Often, experts & health coaches overlook these issues which may plague their clients who are looking up to their coaches to guide them through to achieve their target weight loss.

A competent & experienced health expert shall skillfully guide their clients in steering clear of many of these dieting issues which they may encounter during their weight loss journey. Its necessary to resolve these issues well so that the clients don’t face the long-term adverse impacts on their health after they have completed their weight loss journey. They expect this achieved weight to stay put with them for a long time through their lives. This can happen only when they have been well counselled of maintaining the target weight.

Following are few dieting problems often faced during weight loss & the ways of resolving these issues. Dealing with them well can make the weight loss journey a memorable experience for both the health coach as well as the client!

Diet Plate

Top 5 Dieting Problems &  Solutions

Rebound Weight Gain (Yo-Yo Effect)

One of the most common issues faced and also called as weight-cycling. It can be during the course of the weight loss journey or after successful completion of any weight loss program. After some weight loss has been observed and some progress noted, weight gain is often noted among weight loss candidates if they happen to slightly deviate from the prescribed diet schedule. This is mostly true when extreme fad diets have been resorted to bringing about the initial drop in pounds.

Weight cycling can be avoided by refraining from following extreme dietary restriction which can’t be sustained later on or on a long-term basis. Following realistic dietary modifications and sustainable weight loss goals can help achieve better, long-term weight loss results.

Weight Plateau

Another one of the most common dieting issue faced is the weight loss hits rock bottom when one is somewhere midway in their weight loss journey. The weight doesn’t seem to be moving down any further no matter how diligently the diet & exercise schedules are followed. The reason for this occurrence is that the body has got used to the weight loss strategies we have been subjecting it with till now, so we shall need to slightly modify our approach to break the plateau.

Weight plateau is observed when the energy expenditure falls short on par with the energy intake. This can be tackled by modifying the exercise regimes or workout patterns. Trying new challenging workout, different from the normal pattern, helps gives that push to break the plateau. Dietwise, try reducing carb intake in your diet or following one-day special diets which shall help break the inertia.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies are most common when the weight loss program spans for almost 5-6 months or more without break in between. They often result from the fact that weight loss diet is mainly fibre based, i.e, increased amounts of fibre intake is prescribed to facilitate weight loss.


Its necessary that an appropriate nutrient supplement is included in the diet under the supervision of a trained dietician who shall ensure that the long-term symptoms of nutrient deficiencies don’t crop up during the weight loss process. Its extremely necessary to give utmost importance in tackling this issue in particular because it can affect the smooth functioning of the body in the long run, if neglected.

GI Disturbances

Associated GI disturbances common during weight loss process are constipation, bloating, temporary food intolerances. These can again crop up due to the increased amount of fibre & decreased the amount of fat in the diet since different individuals respond differently to this change in the dietary pattern. Its necessary to deal with this issue as well since they can mask the actual weight loss achieved. They can cause water retention in the body, so counteracting them shall show the actual weight.

Refrain from intake of raw veggies and include good amounts of essential fats such as olive oil, cold pressed coconut oil or flaxseed oil which can help trigger good gastric motility and resolve the above issues.

Fatigue & Compromise in Complex Mental Tasks

This is also quite commonly experienced and is a frequent complaint among many weight loss enthusiasts. This is mainly due to the body switching its energy source from simple carb-rich foods to complex carb-rich foods. The release of glucose from complex carbs is slow due to the presence of fibre in these foods. Hence, the body is gradually getting acclimatized to this new source of energy supply.

Stick to having 2-3 mini meals in between main meals through the day so that you don’t feel sluggish in between and keep the metabolism going.

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